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4-Levels of Listening: Let's be a Better Listener

How would you rate your Listening skills, where 1 is the lowest and 10 is the highest?

(It will be great if you can share your answer and story with us through email, SheASK group, Instagram. Otherwise, you can also reflect on this question by yourself and then learn together with us on how to be a better listener :))

Hi, I'm Angeline - founder of SheASK. I am actually a chatterbox who likes to talk a lot and, on the other hand, my listening skills score were on a lower point. I didn't notice how it affects my life with poor listening skills until I became a mentor. It was not easy for me to improve my listening skills but it improves gradually as I pay more and more attention to speakers as a listener. Now, I even enjoy listening to others more than talking about my thoughts.

Last night, I joined a Mentoring Elevates master class organized by Wedu Global and I'd like to share the 4 levels of Listening with you. The masterclass was conducted by Vittoria Zipoli, she is a transition coach, leadership mentor, and a women advocate. In the masterclass, Vittoria shared the 4 Levels of Listening theory by Otto Scharmer and we also learned about

  • How to establish a solid relationship

  • How to handle stress

  • The pillars of self-confidence

What are the 4 levels of Listening?

Level 1: Downloading - listen to confirm what we already know

Level 2: Factual - listen for what we don't know yet

Level 3: Empathetic - listen to see things from another point of view

Level 4: Generative - listen to sense into what is emerging

While going through this 4 levels of listening, we also need to open our mind, open our heart and open our will to really listen to another person, not just hearing it. Listen attentively to the speaker with an open mind and an open heart is important becauseExpectation becomes reality, don't expect what you want to hear/ listen otherwise what you've listened would be bias from the original message conveyed by the speaker. Listening plays a vital role in communication. Listening attentively and empathetically strengthens relationship.

Like all the other skills, it is not possible to improve our Listening Skills in one day. Practice and continuous learning are the main keys of mastering a skill. Practice makes Perfect! Stay tune to our community workshops and we will be sharing more on how to improve our listening skills for our personal development.

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