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Dear Santa, I wish I were a boy

When I was a kid, I always asked myself "Why am I not a boy?". I wanted to be a boy so much for some reasons. I think the first reason is pretty common for some Asian families, having a boy in the house is always better, at least that was what the older generation believes. When a family has a boy, the mother will be loved and praised for her ability to produce 'a male heir'. It breaks my heart whenever I heard criticism to my mother that she did not give birth a boy. Really, I wished I was a boy.

What about second reason? Well, you might be able to guess if you read the following conversation.

"How many boys and girls do you have?" a man asked my father

"I have daughters." my father replied

"no son? It must be very tough for you." the man said that to my father

I wondered WHY it must be very tough for my dad. I couldn't understand when I was a kid. Now, I know. It's about safety. My father worried a lot whenever we were outside or if we went home late. I'm sure this doesn't only happen to my family. I'm sure many parents are worry about their kids, mostly they have more to worry for girls. I believe, if we have gender equality and more women empowerment in the society, our parents would have less worry.

The last reason that I wanted to be a boy because I was often told that "you are a girl, girl shouldn't do this, girl shouldn't behave like this, girl can't do this,..." and even more "If you are a boy then it's okay" It seems like the world already has a set of fixed rules of WHAT GIRLS SHOULD DO AND DON'T. I was really sad because I like freedom and I like to be who I am. Unfortunately, I had to change and be what the rules told us to be. Again, I wished I were a boy.

Now that I'm an adult, I looked back to my journey growing up as a girl, I appreciate every little stories that happened in my life. Because these moments built me and now, I am no longer wish that I were a boy. Instead, I wish my stories and my efforts will be help more little girls to be a stronger woman in the future. Merry Christmas to all amazing ladies out there! Please do share your ideas and stories with us on Facebook group, Facebook page, Instagram or email to us! Always love to hear from you :)

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