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Farewell 2021, Thank You!

Hey all, how's everyone enjoying the year end and Christmas celebration? I hope all of you are having relaxing and wonderful moment with your loves one. While continuing to read the story below, I would like you to spend a few second to reflect your year and think about this - 'What Are You Most Grateful For in 2021?' :)

A few year ago I was very stressed at work due to the heavy workloads and some politics in the office. One evening when I was leaving the office and my colleague tapped my shoulder, "Hey Angeline, let's walk to the MRT (subway) station together. You look stressed and tired, are you okay?" I should be grateful that she asked me but I just wanted to vent my rage to someone. I started to complained about what had happened to me for the past few months at work. When I finished, she smiled to me and said "Girl, I understand your frustration but I want you to know that we are all still very lucky to have a job, ok? :) While we are finding a solution a to fix whatever problem it is. always remember to count your blessing everyday and things will get better."

"Count your blessing" - This phrase keeps popping out in my mind that evening. While I was swimming that night, I looked up and saw the beautiful moon up on the sky. I smiled and I understood what my friend told me. I was indeed blessed to be able to enjoy such as beautiful view after a long day of work. From then on, I learned what does being grateful means in my life. When I'm being grateful, I am being more grateful to every single things in my life. When I am being grateful, I am also becoming more positive.

In the year of 2021, I am especially thankful to the opportunity that ASHOKA Singapore & Malaysia that I was chosen to be part of DIWA (Deepening Impact Women Activator) program where I was able to meet many amazing women social entrepreneurs. Apart from that, I am thankful to many of my friends who have been supporting SheASK hence our workshops and events happened! :) Of course, I'm always grateful that I can still spend time with my family and all the natural resources that we are using everyday.

So, What are you most grateful for in the year 2021? Please share your stories with us on Facebook group, Facebook page, Instagram, Email or LinkedIn!

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