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Founder's story: Learning Inspiration From a Korean Taxi Driver

"Hello, Welcome to Korea! Where are you from? My name is Kim." an elderly taxi driver in Seoul introduced himself with his limited English when my parents and I entered the taxi.

We chat with him while he was sending us to Incheon Airport. He shared with us that he was learning English everyday. While he was driving alone, he would listen to English conversation from disc and he would try his best to practice English speaking with his foreign customers.

I was impressed by his motivation and the desire to learn despite he is nearly 70 year old. He wanted to master English language for improving his life and to serve his customers better - to have a warm welcome and introduction of Korea to foreign travelers. He enjoyed the process of learning English and his lifelong learning attitude is definitely a good example for many of us. I had been thinking, "What stop us from growing and advancing while we are struggling to improve the quality of our life?" If the ajussi (to call an older male/ uncles) can, why can't we? ;)

Lifelong learning has no boundary. We learn, we grow and we advance. Everyone can learn and improve the quality of our life regardless age, gender, race, or class.

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