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Hello and Welcome to SheASK

Hello and welcome to our blog and let me introduce our platform – SheASK to you. SheASK is a personal development platform to empower women through skills and knowledge. SheASK simply refers to women’s Abilities, Skills and Knowledge. We created a community group on Facebook (while we are building an external platform) for our community members to learn and to share their skills and knowledge with each other. Please come and join our personal development community here!

In addition to the community group, we also organize Personal Development workshops regularly for our existing and new members to gather. Of course, we also organize fun virtual party for special occasion such as Christmas, Year End, New Year party! Our members had so much fun in our previous events because they could mingle around with other like-minded ladies and also win prizes!

While we are having fun, we never forget about ladies who are suffering from various of stress and violence. Hence, we've prepared a section called - Women Helpline which we consolidates all the available hotline for women in Southeast Asia whenever and wherever we need help (we will expand it to other region soon!).

Last but not least, we have a very important agenda which is to increase the awareness of gender equality, women empowerment and reduce inequalities in the society. We, women are supporting women out there!

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