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Open your Mind, Open your Heart

Hello ladies, Happy New Year 2022! How's everyone celebrating the new year? I had a relaxing new year with my family in Malaysia. While we were having breakfast on the first day of new year, my sister asked me, "Hey, what’s your New Year resolution?". I looked at her and my mind went blank for a second, then I replied "to open my mind and open my heart."

At the end of the year, I had been reflecting a lot about what happened in my life including people that I‘ve met, mistakes that I‘ve made, things that I’ve said and etc. I realized that my upbringing and the living environment had shaped my perception in many aspects. May be because of this, sometimes it restricted my growth and limited many opportunity to experience something new even something small like choosing a book to read. If the book cover is not attractive or the font type is too small, I would put it down and choose another book although I know that I shouldn’t judge a book by its cover! :D Well, then I might have missed reading a really good book! Thus, I’ve decided to open my mind and to open my heart this year for better self development and to experience more in my life :)

Did you also experience something similar to what I mentioned? What’s your new year resolution and do you have any idea in mind how to achieve it? Please share it with us in our community group! :)

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