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Pilot Community Workshop: Personal Development - Vision Board

Last night, we had an amazing evening with 5 wonderful ladies sharing and learning together on the Community Workshop. Through the workshop, we had not only learn about utilizing Vision Board to get a crystal clear images of what we want in our life but we also gained valuable insights from everyone about Personal Development.

What does Personal Development mean to you? Personally, I think there is no fixed definition of Personal Development. Everyone's life is unique and everyone's point of view for Personal Development is different. However, in the most general term, I would say that Personal Development is about improving ourselves to enhance the quality of our life. In terms of which aspect to improve? That is very much depends on everyone's need in their life, it could be financial management skills and knowledge, technical skill urgently need to outperform at work or even baby caring skills and knowledge.

What is your own way of Personal Development? Again, this is a very interesting question to think about. Everyone has their own preference to improve themselves but one interesting method that we agreed on the workshop is... READING! Undeniably, reading has always been a source of knowledge. It also helps us to become a critical thinker through reflecting the contents and stories written in books.

What is Vision Board? Vision Board is simply a board for you to collect images and words of your goals/ the dream of your life! Creating a vision board is a fun way to get clear of what you want in your life. Through the process of selecting images and text to be included in the vision board, it helps you to think exactly what you want.

One and a half hour of the workshop was not enough for us to complete the entire personal development journey but it was already great for us to kickstart the lifelong journey of Personal Development. Again, we greatly appreciate our attendees' time and efforts to made this happened!

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