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Skills we learn from Single's Inferno

Recently, there is this big hit of a Korean dating show on Netflix called Single's Inferno and it grabbed many attention, mainly thanks to the pretty and handsome faces! But today what we going to share here is nothing related to appearance. Instead, what we think is important here is some life skills that we can learn and improve in our daily life. After all, this show is about relationships between human beings.

No. 1: Interpersonal Communication. Communication breakdown often cause misunderstanding and create different result. A couple in the show tried to talk things out when they were not able to understand each other well. Finally they resolved the conflict and they were successfully to become a couple by the end of the show.

No. 2: Persistence. One of the male contestant was devastated by the girl he has crush on but he didn't give up. He tried different ways and finally he won her heart!

No. 3: Befriends with emotions. All the contestants were stressful with all the ups and downs (being liked, rejected and had to make decision at the same time) but befriending with our emotions and accept what it is (a.k.a mindfulness) is important!

Do you also notice any other skills or lessons we can learn from this famous dating show? Please share your idea with us!

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