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The story behind SheASK

Hi, I’m Angeline, founder of SheASK. 🙂

A few weeks ago, I launched SheASK and also I have been introducing this platform to my friends. Many friends asked me “What’s the reason to set up this social enterprise (SheASK)?” Actually there are two questions within this question. First, why do you want to start this movement of women empowerment? Second, why does SheASK is focusing on skills and knowledge? Good questions! Now, let me share the rational behind SheASK!

Why women empowerment? Why gender equality? Actually there are a number of reasons but the most unforgettable experience was the gender inequality that I experienced especially while I was working abroad. I didn’t like the fact that woman employees were getting lower salary than man employees even if they were in same position. I didn’t like the idea that administrative work is always belong to a woman’s job including making tea for guests. Not only that, I think more women should be empowered in the society to get a chance to receive proper education and trainings, to be able to voice out what they like and don’t like, to have independent income and to have freedom in their life without prejudice. Before launching SheASK, I did a survey regarding the awareness of gender equality. Many people have misconception about gender equality and also women empowerment / feminism. In fact, we can empower women in our everyday life even if it is a small gesture. Simply sharing your skills and knowledge can empower someone too! 🙂

Why focus on skills and knowledge? As the forth industrial revolution is happening, many corporates are digitizing and transforming which means most of the staffs need to upskill to catch up the pace of transformation and be ready for any changes that required before they are made redundant. There are different kinds of skill that we need to be equipped in order to embrace the change such as technical skills, social kills, soft skills and etc. Worry not! we are here with you and we will be sharing more tips of skills and provide necessary information.

We, SheASK aims to leverage women’s abilities, skills and knowledge to conquer all the challenges in our life. Would you support women empowerment together with me? We would love to hear your story too! Please come and join our community here!

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