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We are graduated!

Hello SheASK members, it's been a while since we posted about we were selected by ASHOKA Singapore & Malaysia. Three months over and now we are excited to share another news with you that, We are GRADUATED! :D The program completed last week and we definitely learned a lot during this period of time. Not only that, we were also lucky to meet many amazing woman social entrepreneurs from Southeast Asia! Each of them are doing very great social project and aiming to create impact and change to the society for better future. Salute!

Here, I'd like to share about what we learned through the DIWA program. :) At the beginning, we started with Leadership module which conducted by Haraya Coaching There were three sessions under Leadership module. First, we learned about CAUSE which is being all of who you are in pursuit of your purpose. Second, COGNIZANCE, raising awareness on our leadership strengths and impacts. Third, CARE, nurturing my whole self and those around me.

Following, we had second module which is Impact Strategy. In this module, we learned how to use System Thinking shift the current system to emerging system. Using system map, we were able to see the stakeholders in the system clearly hence to come out of a solution for the current social issue.

Lastly, we had the third module for Financial Sustainability. In this module, we learned about the Business Model Canvas for profit and non-profit organization. In addition, we also learned how to pitch to investors! :D

Before we officially completed the course, we were lucky that S&P Global arranged additional two sessions for us, which were Design Thinking and Project Management. All the above sessions were fruitful and helpful to our social entrepreneurship journey. Again, we are really grateful for the opportunity to be part of the ASHOKA DIWA program. :)

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