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"Women Empowerment? You are just being..."

"Have you heard of Women Empowerment? If yes, what do you think about Women Empowerment?" I asked.

"I think I heard of this before but I'm not sure what it really means. I guess it's about protecting women who were being abused." a woman respondent replied.

"Do you think that where you are living at (country or cities) has women empowerment?" I asked.

"Hmm.. I don't think we need women empowerment here. This is a developed country. I think, may be, women empowerment is for those living in poor countries where girls are being abused?" a woman respondent replied.

(The reason I'm sharing the above conversation is because it gave me a great insight and motivation to kickstart SheASK - to increase awareness of women empowerment and empower more women through lifelong learning.)

The above conversation happened end of last year when I was doing a research before I kickstart SheASK. While I was conducting the survey, I explained my intention to launch a platform for women empowerment but I was told that I was being TOO MUCH and I was making a big Hoo-ha out of this topic. Honestly, I felt a little upset and I spent long time to think about it. Finally, I decided to continue my journey because I believe, women empowerment is not only for girls in poor countries or for those who were being abused. Instead, every girl and woman in every part of the world should be empowered to achieve their dreams and to improve the quality of life. The term of 'Women Empowerment' may seems serious and heavy, on the contrary, it is to lighten women's burden in life through various aspects.

How does empowering women able to lighten women's burden in life? There are many ways we can do. For instance, listening and giving a helping hand to our friends in need, sharing skills with other women to be more efficient and stronger in life when we hit by crisis. For SheASK, I decided to empower women through lifelong learning such as learning *power skills. Power skills help us to build resilient. Women, we often neglected ourselves but it is time for us to self-care and self-develop in order to outperform at work and in our personal life. In my experience, all administrative works are belong to woman employees even if her position is not an administrator. Having said that, woman employees would have more tasks to complete compared to man employees. At home, women are expected to prepare meals and clean the house apart from our full time job in the office whereas men are perceived as a GOOD man if they HELP to do the housechores. Hence, mastering power skills like good time management skills and communication skills will definitely reduce our burden.

Do you have any idea how to empower women in daily life? I am looking forward to hearing from you by reaching out to us (through email, social media or our online events) to share your thought with us :) You are always welcome!

*Power skills are also known as Soft Skills: Communication, Personal development, Time Management and Emotional Management

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